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Cacophony Land is the first book of the "In The Only" series chronicling the journey of two resourceful and spiritually blessed siblings, Jesse and Anna. Clues regarding the historical timeline are presented (early 1800s), but the actual global location of the children is not stated, leaving it to the reader’s imagination.

At the opening of the book, the two preadolescent siblings are lost in an extreme desert, having been separated from their cartographer parents, while they were on assignment mapping the wilderness. Having been trained early by their parents in various disciplines, including wilderness survival, mountain climbing, Bible studies and primitive Christianity, the children embark on a quest to reunite with their parents in a place called Symphony Land.

Their journey miraculously allows them to escape the perilous desert and takes them through other lands. Along the way, they experience many death defying challenges and inspiring relationships. With each passing experience they gain much wisdom and spiritual understanding, far beyond their years. Their advance toward Symphony Land, and the trials encountered, is synonymous with their own spiritual growth.

Being a compelling story, the reader is quickly drawn into its adventure, emotionally identifying with Jesse and Anna. The siblings’ innocence and purity is matched by their innate spiritual strength and authority. The Bible is their trusted guidebook and the practical spiritual lessons it provides the siblings are literally life-preserving. For this reason, the affection and appreciation Jesse and Anna have for their Bible is palpable and honest. Likewise, the reader’s view of the Bible, through the eyes of Jesse and Anna, is most positively affected, regardless of age.

As with most spiritual principle, the simplicity of its essence can often be grasped by children more readily than adults. The latter may find it abstruse, viewed through our jaded lenses. Therefore, the In The Only series can be just as intriguing and instructive for the adults who choose to read it to and with their children.

All readers are left with little choice: Jesse and Anna’s growth in spiritual understanding will be the reader’s, as well.

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Illustrations by Helen H. Wu

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